Dan Hofstadter

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Selected Works

Profiles of artists - mostly mid-twentieth century Europeans, including the great French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson
Interconnected narrative essays devoted to five famous French literary love affairs
Memoir of everyday life in Naples

The Love Affair as a Work of Art

"Will the suggestive title of this witty and wise book be understood? In our age of sexual promiscuity and quantified orgasms, readers may expect an essay on skillful preludes and artful caresses. First the telephone, then the fax and now e-mail have made the handwritten love letter, with its sensuous and emotional associations, an archaic experience. In The Love Affair as a Work of Art, Dan Hofstadter evokes a 19th century world in which love letters were an art form with a narrative potential. His book, more than merely nostalgic, raises questions about issues ranging from the sincerity of feelings to the vexing relation between art and life." Victor Brombert, NY Times